Our luxury modern house architecture extends to projects outside of the UK.

We have designed many international projects working with local architects and consultants as well as contractors and developers located in various countries around the world.

If you live outside the UK, we can provide you with a modern home design and unique living space, to create the luxury house of your dreams.

We will supply the design concept for the building and design intention for the appearance of the architecture and supply details as well as the interiors.

Typically, the local team to the location obtain the site information, obtains permits and permissions, and organises the construction.

We will collaborate with you and the local team to create a unique contemporary house that provides the modern home you desire.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season, and a happy new year.


We create contemporary houses. We believe these can be luxurious and comfortable. Elegant and practical. Impressive and homely. Use traditional materials and be current. Be focussed on design and be energy efficient. Above all, created for your lifestyle to be the best home you can live in.

Currently, we are working on houses in the UK and Internationally.

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