Residential Interior Design Los Angeles

At Gregory Phillips Architects, one of the leading interior design companies, we immerse ourselves in our client’s lifestyles to piece together an immaculate shared vision, resulting in extraordinary residential interior design in Los Angeles.

Working in collaboration with local interior design talent, we create extraordinary results for our clients.

We were pioneers in London, introducing a comprehensive residential designer’s service, now extended to LA, integrating interior design and landscaping into our comprehensive portfolio. Being part of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), our holistic approach ensures clients receive a unified plan, tailored to their lifestyle, providing a seamless journey from design to on-site completion.

Our core philosophy revolves around deeply comprehending our clients’ requirements and artfully translating them into top-tier designs. We craft contemporary, sophisticated, and functional solutions of exceptional calibre.

House Extensions and Refurbishments – Interior Designers in Los Angeles

We specialise in House Extensions and Refurbishments, crafting seamless extensions that harmoniously blend traditional and contemporary designs, ensuring a smooth transition between interior and exterior spaces.

Gregory Phillips Architects have a broad range of experience refurbishing many types of existing properties from large individual dwellings to apartments. Our experience also extends to refurbishment of historic buildings. We have completed many conservation and heritage building projects successfully and harmoniously integrating new architectural technologies and features into the original fabric of the building.

Each project gives us a chance to create something spectacular, but our process is quite simple: we help you form a vision of how you’d like to live. Then we make it happen.

Award-Winning Residential Interior Design Los Angeles

Our commitment lies in delivering opulent refurbishments that precisely mirror our clients’ visions. With open communication and meticulous attention, we curate contemporary yet timeless designs, customised to each client’s preferences and standards, earning acclaim within the industry and positioning us as one of the foremost interior design firms.

Our portfolio has earned prestigious honours in architecture and interior design, such as the Best House in Europe by the International Design and Architecture Awards, Sunday Times British Homes Awards, Grand Designs Award, and Homes and Garden Award. As well as accolades in the LA press.

Gregory Phillips Architects creates contemporary homes, blending cutting-edge design, materials, and technologies for entertainment, security, and communication. These spaces feature open-plan interiors, and gorgeous landscaping, and prioritise sustainability, boasting reduced carbon footprints through optimised energy use and eco-friendly materials.

Contact us directly at, and let’s embark on a deep dive into the intricate details of your project. We are here to truly understand your aspirations and collaborate in weaving your design dreams into a reality.


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