Gregory Phillips Architects specialise in luxury modern house architecture

We are an award-winning residential architecture and interior design studio. Whether you require a new build, remodelling, or concept design we can provide a solution. We provide luxury modern house architecture offering a holistic service when required, incorporating high-end building design with interior and landscaping design. While we are based in London we operate internationally, allowing us to create a service tailored to your requirements wherever you are located. Take a look in more detail at the services we offer:

New Houses


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Interior Design

New Houses

We focus exclusively on contemporary residential architecture and interiors and have a wealth of experience designing and delivering award winning new build houses across London and the UK.

Our luxury house projects have received some of the highest accolades including the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects awards together with nominations for the ‘House of the Year’ competition, ‘Best Individual House in the UK’ and ‘The Best House in Europe’.

Every new luxury house we create is unique and tailored to your individual lifestyle, aspirations, and specific location. Whether it is a compact urban site or rural landscape with extensive views, our approach seeks to maximise the potential of the site and deliver a unique and considered response to create a modern home with exceptional living space.

In all new house design projects, we consider the materials used to reflect the location and aesthetic and to contribute to a balanced composition of spaces to create exceptional living space and architectural homes.

We aim to make designing and constructing your new home an enjoyable and rewarding experience by engaging in a collaborative process. In conjunction with developing new layouts and creating new living spaces, we are often engaged to carry out the interior design and select furniture and soft furnishings. This approach yields an integrated response to your aspirations and an aesthetic which reflects the vision of the architecture.

Our holistic design approach and wealth of experience has resulted in a portfolio of modern, contemporary homes full of clean lines and natural light. Our process of developing your brief, obtaining required planning permissions and involvement through the construction stages, ensures we take care of every detail.

We take pride in providing exceptional quality and attention to detail throughout all our work to create the luxury house you desire.

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Our passion for luxury modern house architecture extends to projects that involve the remodelling and extending of existing houses. Having worked on remodelling projects since 1991 we have extensive experience and knowledge on how to re-organise historic and existing buildings to create luxury homes suitable for today’s lifestyles and ways of living.

Whatever you require, we can create a luxury house design that includes adding a new kitchen to living spaces with large amounts of glazing to the garden area. We often add basements providing spaces that might include swimming pools, leisure areas, home gyms and extra living spaces and bedroom suites.

We are highly experienced in carrying out projects involving listed buildings and are sensitive to retain the best aspects of historic houses whilst adding contemporary elements. Our experience in obtaining planning consent for extension projects ensures we can deliver a modern home with the living space you need.

Our experienced team of architects and interior designers can deliver a holistic design approach, providing stunning living spaces by combining the architectural visual with the interior design. We have delivered many successful award-winning remodelling designs for many delighted clients.

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Concept Design

The beginning of all our luxury house design projects involves understanding your requirements and ambitions to create an inspired concept design for your project.

In many instances we develop initial concept designs and then go on to provide architectural and interior design services for the project from inception to completion of the construction.

While this holistic design approach is often beneficial and requested, we understand that you may require flexibility.

This is why we offer concept design as a standalone service, allowing you to work with us to achieve your ambitions and requirements in a way that best suits you.

We can create inspirational designs for your home allowing local teams to construct in areas that are situated further away from our base in southern or central England.

This enables our award-winning architects and interior designers to deliver an inspirational house design for your modern home no matter where you are located.

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Our luxury modern house architecture extends to projects outside of the UK.

We have designed many international projects working with local architects and consultants as well as contractors and developers located in various countries around the word.

If you live outside the UK, we can provide you with a modern home design and unique living space, to create the luxury house of your dreams.

We will supply the design concept for the building and design intention for the appearance of the architecture and supply details as well as the interiors.

Typically, the local team to the location obtain the site information, obtain permits and permissions, and organise the construction.

We will collaborate with you and your local team to create a unique contemporary house that provides the modern home you desire.

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Interior Design

We aim to understand your vision and your lifestyle and create interiors that exceed your expectations. We create luxurious and yet practical spaces – a holistic solution for you where both the architecture and interior work in harmony.

We use a range of materials; natural materials such as timber, stone, marble and leather set against metals, concrete, and glass. From designing bespoke cabinetry and furniture to bathrooms, kitchens and more, we combine materials with care and craftsmanship in all aspects of the interior design of the house. We can also help you to select soft furnishing to finish, providing a complete turnkey solution, styling the rooms with rugs, blinds, curtain, linen, art work and objects to make your house a home.

We can also integrate state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, security, lighting controls and, in particular, have a passion for ensuring your lighting design works seamlessly to set the scene in any room.

From the moment we start working with you, we use our expertise in both interior design and architecture to create a layout for your home that is truly unique and carefully considered.

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