What do modern architecture and interior design mean today?

Introducing Modern Matters from Gregory Phillips Architects

As contemporary architecture and interior design styles continue to evolve, our practice ensures our clients can have the very best in cutting edge design and a luxury finish whilst ensuring both comfort and practicality.

We have created a new series, Modern Matters, filmed by architectural photographer and video expert, Mel Yates, in which Gregory looks in-depth at the essence of our modern architecture and interior design work.

Each week we will focus on a different aspect of our builds and discuss how we have married both elegance and ease of use, whilst staying on top of the latest architectural techniques and contemporary interior design trends.

When Gregory Phillips started his practice, he set out to create modern homes that are timeless and expertly crafted.

He was one of the first architects to pioneer a full-service residential design and over decades has accrued unparalleled knowledge of the sector, as well as a reputation for light-filled and open spaces, rich materiality, precise detailing and a strong connection between inside and outside living.

We use traditional techniques and craftsmanship to make each unique modern architecture and interior design project feel both current and timeless. We think you can have a home designed to be both impressive and homely, beautifully designed and energy-efficient.

This series explores different elements of modern architecture such as brickwork, glass, light, and space which we use to bring your home to life. Gregory explains how each design idea helps to solve the puzzle of building a modern and contemporary home unique to each owner and gives them a seamless connection to their outside space.

From remodeling and additions to contemporary new-build homes, each commission starts with the unique needs of a client – ensuring a tailored, one-of-a-kind solution perfectly suited to its owner’s design style.

Welcome to the world of Modern Matters…

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  • The importance of craftsmanship in architecture and design

  • How involved do clients get in the design process?

  • How do you connect your interior design with your exterior architecture and landscape?

  • Designing for different sizes of home – architectural solutions

  • Is it different designing a house to designing a public space?

  • How much does it cost to design a home with an architect?

  • Staircase design: how an architect creates impact

  • How do you get planning permission for your home?

  • The role of contractors and consultants in an architectural design project

  • Designing health and lifestyle facilities in your home

  • Urban versus rural architecture: what is the difference?

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