Concept Design

The beginning of all our luxury house design projects involves understanding your requirements and ambitions to create an inspired concept design for your project.

This foundational stage involves an exploration of your brief, encompassing elements like your life style, room requirements, and aesthetic preferences. We focus on every aspect, from the layout to the vision. Through innovative thinking and careful consideration, we craft a comprehensive design that serves as the blueprint for your dream home’s realisation and ensures that every aspect will align seamlessly with your desires.

In many instances, we develop initial concept design solutions and then go on to provide architectural and interior design services for the project from inception to completion of the construction.

Flexible Service

While this holistic design process is often beneficial and requested, we understand that you may require flexibility. This is why we offer concept design as a standalone service, allowing you to work with us to achieve your ambitions and requirements in a way that best suits you.

You may need flexibility due to a variety of factors that may impact the design project. Firstly, evolving project priorities may arise as you gain new insights or refine your vision over time. This could involve shifting emphasis on certain features or functionalities to better align with your needs and lifestyle preferences.

Whether you seek to refine your vision gradually or require focused attention on conceptualising your project before committing to further phases, our flexible approach ensures that we can adapt to your unique requirements while still delivering exceptional results.

We can create inspirational designs for your home allowing local teams to construct in areas that are situated further away from our base in southern or central England. This enables our award-winning architects and interior designers to deliver an inspirational house design for your modern home no matter where you are located.

Concept Design Projects

For a stunning project in Malibu, a client approached us with approved permits for a five-bedroom family home situated atop a hilltop with breathtaking ocean views. Unhappy with the original architectural design, they tasked us with revisiting the plans while adhering to the approved permits.

Our brief was clear: create a holistic design maximising the site’s potential, enhancing spatial relationships, landscaping, and the building’s appearance. We conceived the project as a house of two wings, with a central entrance hall offering views throughout the property. Privacy was paramount on the public side, while the private side facing the ocean utilised glass and timber louvres for expansive views and solar control. The outcome? A clear, concept-driven proposal that harmoniously blended functionality with the grandeur demanded by the setting, fully realising the site’s potential as a luxurious family home.

View more of our Concept Design projects for ideas, information and inspiration.

Whatever your project requires, choose Gregory Phillips Architects to bring your vision to life. Explore our portfolio to discover a wealth of remarkable projects that reflect the skill and expertise of our architects and concept designers. Contact us directly at 0207 7243040 today to begin your journey towards the home of your dreams.


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