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Crafting Luxury Modern House Architecture Worldwide

At Gregory Phillips Architects, our dedication to luxury modern house architecture transcends borders, reaching projects beyond the UK.

With a diverse portfolio of international designs, we collaborate with local architects, consultants, contractors, and developers across the globe.

Our innovative design practice seamlessly integrates the principles of international-style architecture with modern materials and cutting-edge techniques, leaving a lasting impact on the architectural landscape worldwide.

If you reside outside the UK, our international architects are poised to deliver bespoke modern home designs and unique living spaces tailored to your aspirations.

We provide comprehensive design concepts, ensuring every aspect of the architecture, from structures to interiors, reflects our signature style of architecture.

Collaborating closely with your local team, we navigate site information, obtain permits, and oversee construction, ensuring a smooth process from inception to completion.

Examples of Our International Architects in Action

Crafting Elegance in the Middle East

In the Middle East, Gregory Phillips Architects designed Courtyard House, a 450m2 modern residence blending tradition and contemporary flair.

Amidst the client’s family grounds, the house offers privacy and connectivity through carefully curated courtyard spaces, catering to long-term living needs with bedrooms, dining areas, and kitchens.

Strategically positioned around a central courtyard, the design fosters serenity, complemented by a garden pavilion wing that harmonises with the existing landscape, boasting a sloped roof and patterned brickwork facade.

The outcome? A sensitive yet contemporary masterpiece that pays homage to regional architecture while leaving a lasting impression on the skyline.

Elevating Living in Hollywood Hills

Nestled in the Hollywood Hills above the the iconic Sunset Strip, Gregory Phillips Architects crafted a stunning 1200m2 residence spanning three floors.

Designed to maximise space and views, the contemporary layout features expansive living areas, five-bedroom suites, staff quarters, a gym, a cinema, and studies.

Utilising the sloped site, the entrance hall offers a dramatic introduction, leading seamlessly to the main living floor adorned with an infinity pool boasting panoramic vistas of Century City and beyond towards the ocean.

With thoughtful split-level design and lush courtyard gardens, this modern masterpiece blends seamlessly with its surroundings, offering luxurious living in a modest yet impressive package.

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With Gregory Phillips Architects, your project receives unparalleled attention to detail and expertise. Explore our portfolio to witness the breadth of our remarkable projects and the transformative power of our international architects’ designs.

Contact us at +442077243040 or to embark on your journey toward the home of your dreams. Let us elevate your vision to extraordinary heights, no matter where you are in the world.


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