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At Gregory Phillips Architects, our interior design projects are shaped through dialogue with our clients – blending their aspirations with our experience and creativity to create a shared vision. Our holistic approach to designing homes and interiors offers a timeless approach, focusing on craftsmanship and materiality rather than passing trends. With attention to detail and considered selection and arrangement of materials and furnishings, our luxury interior designers in London UK have mastered the art of interior styling to create contemporary, luxurious, architectural interiors.

Our design philosophy delves beyond the superficial; it’s about orchestrating ambience and emotion through the strategic interplay of materials and spatial configurations to create the best luxury interiors. With an expansive repository of finishes and materials, consistently updated to embrace cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious options, we artfully integrate interiors to resonate and complement the architectural integrity of the built environment. Our British craftsmanship blurs the boundaries between inside and outside spaces, amplifying the visual connection through seamless material transitions.

Every design we curate is bespoke and tailored to harmonise with the nuances of our client’s lifestyle. Leveraging a trusted network of skilled craftsmen and suppliers, we breathe life into our vision, infusing spaces with intricate detailing and thoughtful curation.

Our extensive expertise empowers us to guide every facet of an interior design venture, from its inception to the final flourish. From conceptual ideation and precise CAD drawings to meticulous construction specifications, nuanced lighting design, contract administration, bespoke furniture curation, and a full ‘turnkey’ service, we navigate the project’s journey seamlessly.

Over the years, Gregory Phillips Architects has garnered numerous accolades and awards forour exceptional luxury interiors and work in residential projects. Peruse our Portfolio or connect with us at 0207 7243040 to find out more about our services and discuss your project. Our commitment extends beyond mere design; it’s about your aspirations converging with our passion, shaping extraordinary spaces that redefine luxury living.




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