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K N I G H T S B R I D G E                            

C O M P L E T E D    A P A R T M E N T                                      

We have recently completed the extensive refurbishment and complete strip-out of a Knightsbridge apartment. The existing apartment layout was cleverly reconfigured to make the most of the given areas while considering the clients’ needs and requirements. This refurbishment included the renewal of most of the mechanical and electrical services taking into consideration the constraints of working within an existing building.  With exceptional views of Hyde Park as well as the rest of London, the apartment has three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an open plan living, dining and kitchen space. 

M A T E R I A L I T Y  

Through attention to detail, proportion and scale, we designed a layout which complements and respects the character of the existing building. The palette of materials and detailing creates a contemporary aesthetic. Finally, to provide functionality as well as clearness within each of the spaces we included floor to ceiling cabinets throughout the apartment, hidden behind finely crafted panelling.


We are currently co-ordinating the delivery and installation of the selected furniture for the apartment. We have chosen the furniture not only to complement the aesthetics achieved in the architecture, but to also reflect the clients’ taste.

Stay posted for the final reveal and follow us on instagram for continued updates.

O N   S I T E  –  T O T T E R I D G E

N E W    B U I L D    H O U S E 

Our new build house in Totteridge is nearing completion. Follow us on instagram for updates 

T O T T E R I D G E   2

N E W    B U I L D    D W E L L I N G 
We are progressing with Detailed Design of an exciting New Build single storey dwelling and artist studio in Totteridge. Designed to maximise extensive views of the landscape and solar gains on the site, the house will have lesser demand for space heating during the winter months. An overhanging roof will reduce solar gain and keep the spaces cool during the summer months. We’ll be posting updates as the job progresses to site.

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