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As a highly reputable architectural firm, Gregory Phillips Architects has had the privilege of working on numerous projects in the prestigious neighbourhood of Mayfair. With our office based in the renowned Savile Row for over a decade, we have become a part of the vibrant architectural landscape of this affluent area.

Mayfair, known for its luxurious residences, elegant streets and rich history, presents unique challenges and opportunities for architects. Gregory Phillips Architects has successfully worked on listed houses in South Audley Street and around Grosvenor Square, showcasing our expertise in handling properties with historical significance and preserving their architectural heritage.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the local context, our Mayfair architects have delivered exceptional designs that blend seamlessly with the character of Mayfair’s exclusive residential properties.

Aside from Mayfair, we have also completed projects in other prestigious areas within the City of Westminster, such as Hyde Park and St John’s Wood. Our extensive experience in dealing with the local planning authorities in these areas has been invaluable in navigating the complex planning regulations and obtaining necessary approvals for our projects.

Our expertise in managing the intricacies of local planning processes ensures that our clients’ projects are completed successfully and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

With a strong presence in Mayfair and the surrounding areas, Gregory Phillips Architects has established itself as a leading architectural firm in the heart of London’s prime real estate.

Our portfolio of completed projects in Mayfair and the City of Westminster speaks to our expertise in designing high-end, sophisticated residential properties that meet the unique demands of these exclusive neighbourhoods. Our architects’ reputation for excellence, attention to detail and commitment to client collaboration has earned us a loyal clientele in Mayfair and beyond.

In addition to the work on historic and listed properties, Gregory Phillips Architects has also been involved in contemporary new builds and modernisations in Mayfair. Our innovative design approach, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the local architectural styles and materials, allows us to create stunning modern homes that blend seamlessly with the fabric of Mayfair’s upscale residential areas.

As an architectural firm with a strong presence in Mayfair, Gregory Phillips Architects is deeply familiar with the local community, culture and design aesthetics. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with working in this exclusive neighbourhood, and our expertise in handling such projects sets us apart as leaders in this field.

Gregory Phillips Architects has made a significant impact on Mayfair’s architectural landscape with our impressive portfolio of completed projects and longstanding presence in the area.

Our expertise in handling historic and listed properties, contemporary new builds and modernisations, combined with a commitment to excellence and client collaboration, has earned us a reputation as a leading architectural firm in Mayfair.

Whether it’s a heritage renovation or a contemporary new build, Gregory Phillips Architects is the ideal partner to bring innovative and exceptional architectural designs to life in Mayfair’s esteemed residential properties.


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