Architects In Kew

Gregory Philips Architects have completed several projects in Kew and the surrounding area.

Established for over 25 years, we provide a unique, considered and professional approach to high quality residential design.

We have produced many award-winning projects for both architecture and interior design; our most recent works include new build contemporary homes, basement excavation, substantial residential extensions, new swimming pools and remodelling projects.

Our Kew Road project was a labour of love, that consisted of the refurbishment and extension of a Victorian house, to create a wonderful 5-bedroom family home. This included the addition of a 11 metre, garden facing glass extension that breathed new life into the traditional building.

The completed build was celebrated and adored, not only by the owners, but also the press, and won several awards; inlcuing Best Interior Design in the UK from the Bentley Property Awards, and the D&D Award for Best Residential Room in the UK.