Architects In Salisbury

Gregory Philips Architects have designed an award winning new build residence in Salisbury.

We provide a unique, considered and professional approach to high quality residential design.

We have produced many award winning projects for both architecture and interior design; our most recent works include new build contemporary homes, basement excavation, substantial residential extensions, and new swimming pools.

The award winning house designed in Salisbury was in the grounds of a listed building, therefore we had to walk the line between an innovative yet subtle build. As such the exterior was clad with untreated timber, helping it to fade into surrounding trees which came up close to the building also helping it to almost envelop the rear elevation. The interior, however, reveals a positive and quirky character. There is a fluid treatment of the space, specifically designed decorative treatments, and a seamless yet imaginative use of electrical mechanisms.

All of these features were met with resounding applause and enjoyment and resulted in being awarded Winner in “Outstanding new building” Salisbury Civic Society: New Buildings Awards Scheme 2003.