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Located in the heart of London, Kensington is renowned for its historic Victorian and Georgian Terrace houses, known for their distinctive architecture and charm. Over the past 25 years, Gregory Phillips Architects has become a leading architectural firm in Kensington, specialising in the refurbishment and extension of these iconic properties. 

With a keen eye for innovative design, a commitment to excellence and a collaborative approach with clients, we have earned a stellar reputation for our high-quality residential projects.

Kensington, with its rich heritage and architectural significance, presents unique challenges and opportunities for renovation and extension projects. Our Kensington Architects have successfully tackled these challenges with their expertise in preserving the historical integrity of the properties while incorporating contemporary design elements. 

Our approach involves a meticulous assessment of each property, considering its historical value, site conditions and client requirements. By striking a balance between preserving the original features and introducing modern design, we have transformed many Victorian and Georgian Terrace houses in Kensington into stunning homes that blend seamlessly with the neighbourhood’s character.

In addition to our expertise in historic property renovations, Gregory Phillips Architects has also excelled in creating new build contemporary homes in Kensington. These homes are designed to be modern, sustainable and tailored to the needs and lifestyle of the owners. 

From concept to completion, our architects work closely with the clients to understand their vision, incorporating their preferences and requirements into the design process. The result is a unique and bespoke home that reflects the client’s personality and taste, while also incorporating sustainable design principles for a greener future.

In cases where space is limited, basement excavations have become a popular trend in Kensington. Gregory Phillips Architects has successfully carried out numerous basement conversions, creating functional and luxurious living spaces underground. These projects require meticulous planning and engineering expertise to ensure the structural integrity of the building is maintained. 

We carefully assess the feasibility of each project, considering factors such as building regulations, site conditions and budget constraints. Using this diligent approach, we have successfully transformed dark and unused basements into light-filled and functional spaces that add value and versatility to the property.

In addition to our expertise in residential extensions and renovations, we have also designed and built new swimming pools that are both functional and visually appealing. Our architects always seek an understanding of how the pool interacts with the surrounding landscape and architecture. We then create pools that seamlessly blend with the overall design of the property. 

From indoor pools that provide a private sanctuary for relaxation and exercise, to outdoor pools that become the focal point of the garden, our Kensington architects consider every aspect of pool design to ensure it meets the needs and desires of our clients.

Remodelling projects are another area of expertise for Gregory Phillips Architects. We have successfully transformed outdated and poorly laid out spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing areas that maximise the potential of the property. 

By reconfiguring the layout, optimising natural light and incorporating innovative design solutions, we have created spaces that are not only beautiful but also highly functional and efficient. Whether it’s a kitchen renovation, bathroom makeover or a complete home remodel, our architects bring their expertise and creative vision to transform spaces into stunning living environments.

One of the key factors that set Gregory Phillips Architects apart is our commitment to close collaboration with clients. We believe that the best results are achieved when architects and clients work together as a team, with open communication and shared goals. We take the time to understand the unique requirements and preferences of each client, and incorporate them into the design process, providing regular updates and involving clients at every stage of the project so that the final result exceeds their expectations.

With our impressive portfolio of projects and a reputation for excellence, Gregory Phillips Architects has become a trusted partner for architectural projects in Kensington and beyond. 

Our innovative design approach, meticulous attention to detail and commitment to client collaboration have earned us numerous awards for both architecture and interior design. Our ability to seamlessly blend contemporary elements with the historical character of Kensington’s Victorian and Georgian Terrace houses has resulted in exceptional outcomes that enhance the value and appeal of these properties.

Gregory Phillips Architects has established itself as a reputable and experienced architectural firm in Kensington, with a track record of delivering outstanding results. 

For those seeking exceptional residential design in Kensington or beyond, Gregory Phillips Architects is the ideal partner to bring your architectural visions to life.


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