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Gregory Phillips Architects have established themselves as pioneers of high-quality residential design, known for their unique, considered, and professional approach. Our portfolio boasts a multitude of award-winning projects, both in architecture and interior design, that showcase our unwavering dedication to excellence. These projects encompass a wide spectrum of design challenges, including new-build contemporary homes, basement excavations, residential extensions, and meticulous remodelling endeavours. One of our most noteworthy projects was set in the idyllic coastal town of St Ives, a location that served as a canvas for architectural innovation and breathtaking design.

St Ives, a gem nestled along the picturesque shores of Cornwall in the United Kingdom, is celebrated for its stunning natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and an artistic heritage that has drawn creatives and travellers alike for generations. The town’s winding streets and beautiful beaches make it a haven for those seeking the perfect blend of culture and tranquillity.

Our project in St Ives was an architectural marvel, a true embodiment of modernity set against a backdrop of nature’s wonders. The design was nothing short of remarkable, featuring a three-story building that seamlessly merged with the coastal landscape. One of its most striking features was the rear-facing balconies, strategically positioned to offer panoramic views of the coast, ensuring that the beauty of the town and its surroundings was an integral part of the living experience.

The project in St Ives exemplified our commitment to creating innovative and harmonious designs that both respect and enhance the existing environment. St Ives is known for its unique architectural character, featuring a charming blend of traditional and contemporary structures. Our architects in St Ives embraced this character and sought to contribute to it by crafting a design that harmonised with the town’s existing architecture while introducing a fresh, modern perspective.

As you delve into our extensive portfolio on our website, you’ll discover that each project is more than just a building; it’s a chapter in a story of design excellence. Our passion for creating living spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional shines through each and every project. While our online portfolio provides a glimpse into our creative world, we believe that the true essence of architecture and design goes beyond visuals. It thrives through conversation and collaboration.

We invite you to reach out to us directly at 0207 7243040, so we can embark on a journey together, exploring the intricate details of your unique project. We are here to listen, to understand your vision, and to work in partnership with you to bring your aspirations into reality. Our architects in St Ives, inspired by the town’s natural beauty and artistic spirit, are eager to turn your dreams into tangible structures that leave an indelible mark on the landscape.

At Gregory Phillips Architects, our specialisation lies in the transformation of buildings and the design of spaces that breathe life into your vision while seamlessly integrating with the existing architectural context. St Ives, with its unique charm and coastal allure, presents an inviting canvas for our creative touch. We encourage you to let your ideas merge with our expertise, shaping the future of St Ives’ architectural landscape. Our team of architects in St Ives is poised to turn your dreams into realities, and we eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate on your next architectural venture. Contact us today to begin this exciting journey.


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