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Gregory Phillips Architects have been involved in many interior design projects throughout Surrey and London; in particular, our interior designers in Surrey UK have worked extensively in Guildford and the surrounding areas of West Sussex, Kingston-upon-Thames, Twickenham and Basingstoke.

One of our Surrey interior design projects featured in Gary Takle’s book ‘Britain’s Best Architecture’. Describing Guildford, Takle writes, “Projects at this level of historical importance and magnitude are rarely carried off with such grace and respect for the original structures. This stunning renovation and re-imagining of the property on this site reworks a convoluted interior and clarifies the existing property, updating it for modern living.”

We prioritise crafting ambience and mood through material and arrangement, emphasising beyond mere objects and decoration. Our approach involves leveraging a vast array of updated finishes and sustainable materials. Our interiors not only mirror but also amplify architectural concepts present in the structure, often integrating similar materials both indoors and outdoors. This integration highlights the fluidity between indoor and outdoor living spaces, creating visual continuity.

Every design is customised to fit our client’s lifestyle, leveraging a reliable network of skilled craftsmen and suppliers to bring our vision of creating exceptional homes to life. Our expertise enables us to oversee every aspect of a project, from initial concept and CAD drawings to construction specifications, lighting design, contract administration, and a comprehensive ‘turnkey’ service, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Luxury Interior Design in Surrey

When you explore our portfolio on our website, you’ll discover a wealth of remarkable projects that reflect the skill and expertise of our interior designers. However, our commitment to your vision doesn’t conclude with a virtual tour. It flourishes through open and meaningful conversation.

Contact us directly at 0207 7243040 to find out more about our interior design services, and let’s embark on a deep dive into the intricate details of your project. We are here to truly understand your aspirations and collaborate in weaving your interior design dreams into a reality.



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