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We are pleased to announce that Gregory Phillips Architects is now a member of The Green Register of Construction Professionals.

Since 2000 The Green Register has trained thousands of construction professionals from all disciplines of the industry to build better, more sustainable buildings. As architects, we recognise we have a duty of care to design homes that are not only beautifully crafted but that are mindful of their impact on the environment.

Designing holistically, allows us to consider all aspects of a home from the building itself to its interiors and surroundings and how more sustainable design practices can be woven into the fabric of the build to future-proof our clients’ living space.

To find out more about the Green Register, visit or take a look at our website to learn about how to approach a design brief here:


We are currently working on the design of projects in the London areas of Barnes and Stanmore as well as projects in Cheshire, Sheffield and Surrey.


We are excited to see our scheme at Stanmore Hill nearing completion. This unequivocally contemporary home makes the most of the site but is also modest in scale. A ground-floor basement level is cut into the hillside creating terraces and planted areas which are punctuated with courtyards. This allows the house to maximise the use of outside spaces and also minimise its visual intrusion into the surrounding Conservation Area.

We look forward to showcasing more of this completed home in the coming months.


Our luxury architecture extends to projects outside of the UK.

We have designed many international projects working with local architects and consultants as well as contractors and developers located in various countries around the world. Showcased below are concepts produced in Atherton, California, and Malibu.

Next week, Gregory will be visiting a series of fantastic new projects in Los Angeles and San Fransisco. Please connect if you have a project in California for us to design.


We create contemporary houses. We believe these can be luxurious and comfortable. Elegant and practical. Impressive and homely. Use traditional materials and be current. Be focussed on design and be energy efficient. Above all, created for your lifestyle to be the best home you can live in.

Currently, we are working on houses in the UK and Internationally.

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