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Gregory Phillips, a name synonymous with excellence in residential design, has left an indelible mark in the picturesque neighbourhood of Muswell Hill. Our unique, thoughtful, and professional approach to high-quality residential design has resulted in numerous award-winning projects, ranging from house extensions and remodelling to interior design. Our Muswell Hill architects are passionate about enhancing living in the area, and the accolades we’ve received and the array of projects we’ve undertaken showcase our expertise.

At Gregory Phillips, we believe that every residence should be a testament to the art of living well. Our approach is characterised by uniqueness, consideration, and professionalism. We strive to create spaces that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, resulting in homes that not only stand out but also provide an exceptional quality of life for their occupants.

Our portfolio proudly showcases a plethora of award-winning projects that span both architecture and interior design. Our commitment to pushing boundaries in both domains has consistently earned us recognition and the trust of our clients.

Diverse Project Portfolio

Our recent projects in Muswell Hill exemplify our adaptability and skill across various architectural facets. Some of our notable endeavours include:

New-Build Contemporary Homes

Muswell Hill’s evolving landscape has seen an increasing demand for contemporary residences that embrace modern living. Our new-build contemporary homes blend innovative architectural design with practicality, offering residents a fresh perspective on urban living amidst the tranquillity of the neighbourhood.

Basement Excavation

The challenge of space optimisation in Muswell Hill, where available land can be limited, often calls for innovative solutions. Our expertise in basement excavations has allowed us to create spacious and functional living areas beneath existing structures, maximising space without compromising on design and comfort.

Substantial Residential Extensions

The charm of Muswell Hill’s properties often lies in their historical character. When expanding these homes, our approach is rooted in preserving the integrity of the original design while integrating modern extensions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

New Swimming Pools

Luxury amenities, such as swimming pools, have become highly desirable in residential properties. Our team has successfully incorporated swimming pools into Muswell Hill homes, creating serene havens for relaxation that seamlessly blend with the existing architecture.

Remodelling Projects

Our remodelling projects in Muswell Hill have breathed new life into existing residences. From layout adjustments to interior transformations, these projects demonstrate our ability to reimagine spaces and breathe fresh vitality into them.

Muswell Hill, nestled on the fringes of London, offers residents a serene escape from the city’s commotion, without sacrificing accessibility to its amenities. The verdant landscapes, quiet streets, and a thriving community make it an idyllic place to call home. Our projects in Muswell Hill have not only respected the area’s tranquil ambiance but have also contributed to its architectural and interior design excellence.

Accolades and Awards

Our commitment to excellence in Muswell Hill has been acknowledged through numerous awards and accolades. Some notable recognitions includes:

British Property Award for Best Interior Design in the UK:

We are honoured to have received the British Property Award for Best Interior Design in the UK, a testament to our dedication to creating interiors that harmoniously blend aesthetics with functionality, resulting in spaces that are both visually stunning and practical for everyday living.

Daily Telegraph Home Renovation Award for Best Extension/Remodelling:

Our expertise in house extensions and remodelling was recognised by the Daily Telegraph Home Renovation Award for Best Extension/Remodelling. We take pride in integrating modern design elements with the charm of Muswell Hill’s historical homes.

Grand Design Awards for Extension Design

Being acclaimed in the Grand Design awards for extension design further underscores our ability to reimagine living spaces, ensuring they align with the evolving needs and aspirations of homeowners in Muswell Hill.

Gregory Phillips Architects‘ enduring legacy in Muswell Hill reflects our unwavering dedication to creating exceptional living spaces. Whether it’s through innovative architectural design, thoughtful interior transformations, or seamless extensions, our mission remains consistent: to elevate Muswell Hill living to new heights. As we continue our journey, we look forward to contributing further to the charm and architectural brilliance of this idyllic neighbourhood while embracing its unique character and tranquil allure.


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