October Newsletter

A T H E R T O N    C A L I F O R N I A    

C O N C E P T   D E S I G N 

We have been commissioned to design a new build residence located in Atherton in the San Mateo County, California. The proposed dwelling is nestled amongst a forest landscape that provides both privacy along with dramatic views across the valley.

K N I G H T S B R I D G E   

C O M P L E T E D   A P A R T M E N T

More photographs of our recently completed apartment refurbishment in Knightsbridge. 

The final touches of the design included carefully selecting various pieces of furniture to match and complement the aesthetic of the newly renovated apartment. 

S T A R T   O N   S I T E 

T O T T E R I D G E   C O M M O N   2    
&    B A T T E R S E A

We are very excited to have both our Totteridge Common 2 project & Battersea project, starting on site this month. 

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