Remodel in Chianti, Italy


Set in the Chianti countryside in northern Italy, this existing farm building needed a complete remodel to create a unique residence that brought contemporary living to this ancient property whilst retaining its heritage.

The Brief

The brief was to create a glamorous luxurious house within the existing ancient building’s structure. The scope including all aspects of the interior, all finishes, new staircase designs, fittings as well as the kitchen design, bathroom designs.

We started by creating a 6 bedroom dwelling all with en suite bathrooms. We then included entertaining spaces, a central kitchen suitable for cooking classes as well as an indoor spa, gym and yoga area. Externally a new 100m2 swimming pool with adjacent seating was added to bring an extra touch of elegance to the grounds. The brief included adding fenestration to the façade and upgrading the structure.

All new services, lighting, integrated audio visual, security and lighting control systems as well as external landscaping were included in our remit.

What we did

By reconfiguring the plans and including spaces that had been abandoned, we were able to design a luxury villa tailored to the needs of the owners, whilst still utilising and reconstructing the thick external stone walls to create a juxtaposition of the ancient and the modern.


The palette of materials and detailing creates a contemporary aesthetic that works alongside and complements the traditional character of the property.

The house is a wonderful example of creating sophisticated luxury interiors within an existing historic building.


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