Totteridge II – Interiors


We were commissioned to create a luxurious modern five bedroom home in Totteridge, London. This substantial property is designed as a long-term family home, replacing an existing dated bungalow that the clients had lived in for years.

The brief

The scope included interior layout and spatial sequences, wall and floor finishes, staircase designs, lighting design, fittings and built in furniture as well as the kitchen design, bathroom designs, cabinets and fireplaces.

What we did

We aimed to create a dramatic sequence of spaces that enjoyed the sunlight and stunning views of adjacent countryside.

The palate of materials is restrained, stylist and sophisticated.

We aimed to blur the boundaries between interior and exterior.

Built predominantly of brick and timber, these materials are reimagined in a unique way – where brickwork is suspended above a lightweight timber and glass ground floor.

This playful juxtaposition of the construction creates a distinctive and high-quality aesthetic that is used both inside and out.


The house is an exemplar example of a luxury sophisticated contemporary house.


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