We are currently working on the design of projects in the London areas of Battersea, St Johns Wood and Stanmore as well as projects in Macclesfield, Shropshire, Surrey and Windsor. Internationally we are working on projects in Miami and the Middle East.


We are excited to reveal our new build house in Totteridge, as the project reaches completion. This is our Sixth project in the Totteridge area and the second new build house in Totteridge Common.

This five-bedroom single-storey home with an outdoor swimming pool, located in a London Conservation area, is fully heated via air source heat pumps, with the electricity provided by PV solar panels.

The property has been designed to read as a pavilion within a rich landscape, aided by the reflective glass and dark tones.



We are delighted to announce that our Totteridge Common Project has been shortlisted for the British Homes Awards 2022.


We design projects throughout the UK and internationally. We often design the concept for a project and later work with local Architects to ensure our clients obtain the vision we set out to achieve.

The beginning of all our luxury house design projects involves understanding our clients’ requirements and ambitions. In many instances we develop initial concept designs and then go on to provide architectural and interior design services for the project from inception to completion of the construction. We also offer concept design as a standalone service, allowing clients’ to work with us to achieve their ambitions and requirements in a way that best suits them.

One of our international concepts is shown below, with more set to be showcased on our website in the near future.

This project for a new build house is located in a secluded location in Atherton, California. The project is a large house located in a woodland setting, with a stream and significant changes in level but with limited outdoor space.

The client wanted to maximise the use of the site by creating a substantial new house and create a greater visual impact as the existing house is largely concealed from view when approached. The house needed to incorporate 6 bedrooms, formal living and dining spaces, a family kitchen, family living and dining spaces as well as a basement with cinema and games room spaces. There was also a requirement to create a dramatic entrance.

The solution proposed was to rotate the building 90 degrees to face the driveway creating a more traditional front and back, public and private organisation of the house. The garage provides a link to the utility and kitchen spaces while there is also a more formal approach which draws you through a dramatic courtyard setting to the double-height entrance hall, allowing a through view to the pool and garden area at the rear via a formal living and dining area.

Architecturally, on the upper levels, a timber framework has been used to break down the bulk of the building and give it greater visual lightness. The building incorporates various terraces which allow the maximisation of the available space while creating a luxurious treehouse feel to the bedrooms overlooking the tree canopies and the stream.

The large flat roof allowed for the integration of Solar panels to provide electricity for much of the house’s heating and cooling requirements as well as EV car charging, and water is collected from the roof for irrigation purposes.


We create contemporary houses. We believe these can be luxurious and comfortable. Elegant and practical. Impressive and homely. Use traditional materials and be current. Be focussed on design and be energy efficient. Above all, created for your lifestyle to be the best home you can live in.

Currently, we are working on houses in the UK and Internationally.

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