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With significant emphasis on high-quality, fully co-ordinated design, we collaborate with a number of specialist pool contractors to design and detail pool and spa complexes which provide continuity of architecture, interior design and materiality together with functionality and the latest technologies relating to pool and spa design.  We have completed both refurbishment and new build pool and spa complexes of varying complexities and budgets incorporating innovative workout and wet room experiences alongside tranquil areas of pampering and wellbeing.


Our experience ranges from complex, city centre basement indoor swimming pools to luxurious outdoor swimming pools in the country.  We spend time understanding how our clients envisage using the spaces and the atmosphere they wish to create and then develop concept proposals with regard to the layout, lighting, materials and finishes. Our individual designs incorporate carefully detailed lighting proposals to suit the desired mood and atmosphere of the spaces. A varied material palette of timber, stone, concrete and polished plaster among many others has be utilised to create luxuriously minimal aesthetics and inviting, relaxing pool and spa environments.


Gregory Phillips Architects holistic approach extends to the surrounding landscape which we can integrate into our pool design concepts.  Whether the pool is indoor or outdoor, through views and a connection with the surrounding landscape, we carefully develop individual proposals to suit the context of each project and the requirements of our clients.

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