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Gregory Phillips Islington Architects have worked on several residential projects in the north London borough of Islington including in Alwyne Road and Alwyne Villas, also within the Barnsbury and Canonbury conservation areas and Highbury Hill. Located 4 miles from central London, Islington stretches from Islington High Street and Upper Road to nearby Highbury Fields to the north, Southgate Road and Essex Road to the east and Barnsbury Road in the west.

Many of the houses in Islington are beautiful Georgian or Victorian terraced homes and we have been fortunate to work on a number of properties in the area remodelling and making them suitable for 21st century living and for the requirements of our clients, dealing with Islington Council for planning applications where needed.

It is important when choosing an architect that you have access their portfolio of previous projects. You will be working with them from start to finish; from the initial design process through to the planning process and beyond; whether you are constructing a new building or adapting an existing property, will give you exactly the home that you desire.

Our architecture practice provides a unique, considered and professional approach to high quality residential design with exceptional attention to detail. We will work closely with you during project management and advise where Listed buildings need to considered, or if you wish to build near conservation areas.

Architectural projects around London by Gregory Phillips

Nearby in Mayfair, we have worked on several Listed houses, as well as many other projects within the Royal Borough of Kensington, and Chelsea, including Hyde Park and St Johns Wood. We are very familiar with dealing with the local planning authorities for planning applications to obtain planning permission.

Gregory Phillips architecture practice have carried out several extension and renovation projects in St Johns Wood. One of the projects was the full remodelling of a 19thcentury townhouse. This included the addition of a glass extension to the home, and a total interior redesign.

Gregory Philips have completed several projects near Richmond in Kew. The Kew Road project was a labour of love, that consisted of the refurbishment and extension of a Victorian house, to create a wonderful 5-bedroom family home. This included the addition of a garden facing glass extension that breathed new life into the traditional building.

The completed project was celebrated and adored, not only by the owners, but also the press as an award winning build, including Best Interior Design in the UK from the Bentley Property Awards, and the D&D Award for Best Residential Room in the UK.

About Gregory Phillips Architects

Established in 1991, Gregory Phillips Architects is a London-based architecture practice committed to delivering bespoke, exquisitely executed homes in the UK and abroad. The firm’s highly experienced team offers a seamless, holistic service encompassing architecture, landscaping and project management.

We have produced many award-winning projects for both architecture and interior design; our most recent works include new build contemporary homes, basement excavation, substantial residential extensions, new swimming pools and remodelling projects.

Gregory Phillips are committed to the achieving the highest level of design, bringing professionalism and dedicated project management to all aspects, providing elegant, tailored design solutions appropriate to each project. We provide a unique, considered and professional approach to high quality residential design.

The firm’s impressive portfolio has been recognised internationally – resulting in extensive press coverage and high-profile industry accolades. From remodelling and additions, to contemporary new-build homes, each commission starts with the unique needs of a client – ensuring a tailored, one-of-a-kind solution perfectly suited to its owner’s lifestyle.


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